The home straight and just the beginning

Last week my doctor welcomed me into my third trimester: the home straight…kind of. In some ways I can’t believe I have now been pregnant for 29 weeks. However, when I think back to January when bubba was the size of a poppy seed – that feels like a long  time ago. During those early weeks time seemed to crawl by! We had the massive thing in our life and we couldn’t tell anyone. I felt mostly mediocre and quite sloth like but was trying to act like it was business as usual. We were impatient for the reassurance of reaching the second trimester safely and well, I felt a little overwhelmed when thinking about what I should be doing: what was safe, what wasn’t etc etc. In hindsight I probably just needed to chill out!


Hello 3rd Trimester

There have been a lot of changes since those early days – to my body and to my mindset. (And yes, we know, that is nothing to the changes coming up!) After the first trimester was over I can honestly say I have been embracing and enjoying my pregnancy experience and I’ve felt both wonder and humor in some of the crazy changes that have taken place. So, here’s my take so far.

Your body changes A LOT!

I know there’s the bump but, believe me, a whole lot of other stuff changes before the bump pops out!

In the past I could never be accused of being busty. Correction, before being pregnant I could never have been accused of being busty. As the weeks ticked by I realized my sports bras of old weren’t going to cut the mustard. Time to go shopping!



My bump has only recently formed as a “bump” but before that I would call it a paunch. I remember one day around 15-16 weeks where I stood in the change rooms in my swim suit feeling a little self conscious about my new shape, and for a moment I was hesitant about heading to the pool deck. I’m thankful that I have never really suffered with body image issues but that day I did waiver a bit. I have found a few strategies are good in this situation: a sense of humor, reminding myself that my body is doing a pretty freakin’ amazing thing and now is the time to be kind to myself (thank you to my pre-natal yoga teacher who reminded our class of this).

My tummy button! Having being an innie all my life I’m now an outie. Not quite identity crisis territory but just one more change. Oh, and I now do my shorts and trousers up like my dad 😉 (Sorry Dad !!)

IMG_4276   IMG_4275

Funny face compulsory when taking a selfie in your bathroom mirror.

I now weigh more than all my guy training partners.

I have a little human in my belly who wriggles, kicks, hiccups and punches. I LOVE it and could (well,  do) spend hours just feeling the baby move. It is crazy and wonderful!

Despite these changes I have found it is possible to forget that I am pregnant. Sorry bump for the door frame knocks, table bumps.

You receive A LOT of advice!

It has honestly has been lovely to receive advice from friends and acquaintances and hear about their experiences. There is a really nice camaraderie and I feel I’ve been welcomed into the mother sister-hood. All that information can also be a little overwhelming: you hear so many different things. I’ve learnt to listen and decide what applies to my experience of pregnancy – the file and discard pile. Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, no one pregnancy is the same so I have keyed in to what feels right for me on any particular day. I found as soon as I stopped stressing about what Mary, Mindy and/or Mark’s* wife did when they were pregnant and focused on what was working for me, pregnancy life got more relaxed and enjoyable.


A non-bump related pic 🙂

It’s just like training really. Listening and hearing what others do in training is helpful but there’s tipping point where worrying about how far Bill and Ben are running or riding causes stress and means you lose touch with the training approach that is good for YOU.

Everyone has an opinion! (including me!)

Sometimes people are direct in sharing this with you sometimes it can sound more like a masked “Really? You’re doing that?”. On the days when I am feeling over sensitive I hear this as a veiled criticism but I don’t think that is how it is meant – it is a way of showing concern, interest. Again there are real parallels with my experience in sport. In sport I have my “inner circle”: the people I trust, I go to for advice and to talk things through with. They give me confidence in my prep so I have belief when I am on the start line. Of course I have gone outside that circle to listen to new information but ultimately I go back to my people to talk things through. It is the same now. I am grateful to have Brett, a fantastic doctor, and family and friends.  I have trust in my circle.

So 11 weeks to go.  I have a feeling they will fly.  I am thankful that I am still feeling good and baby feels like a live wire.  We have our next scan in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to see the bubba again.  In the mean time I am staying active and getting set to be Brett’s support crew for Ironman Boulder at the beginning of August.


Brett’s support crew 

In my next blog I’ll talk a bit about what exercise I have been doing, how it has changed during pregnancy, why my Training Peaks looks like this and why that’s just fine!



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