Mid-Year Update

The racing season in Europe is in full pelt and of course I am reading about those headed to race in Challenge Roth.  After racing in Roth last year and winning I vowed I would return in 2013. Unfortunately the best laid plans sometimes don’t pan out and I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to pull out.  A few ups and downs in my recovery from Texas meant it just didn’t make sense and whilst I am happy that this is the right decision, I would still love to be there. My experience in 2012 was amongst my top 3 highlights of my triathlon career  and so I know I will be on the start line there in the future.

Hiccups and challenges are part and parcel of sport and I’m getting better at accepting that sometimes I have to take the meandering path to where I want to get  to rather than the direct route. My lawyering days gave me a good grounding in dealing with these kind of *challenges*. I cannot recall one transaction that went exactly to plan:  there was always something cropping up but we always got to the finish point (albeit with a few late nights and a lot of coffee!).  I learnt that panicking didn’t help : staying calm and  working out how best to deal with the challenge and executing the new plan did!  Triathlon isn’t much different to that.  It is frustrating:  I love the feeling of executing my training plan/race schedule perfectly.  But that’s just not always possible or smart.  Everyone faces challenges:  it’s how you deal with them that largely determines the outcome.

The good news is that instead of Challenge Roth  I will be doing a “home” race:  Boulder 5150 on 14 July.  Having been in Boulder for practically a year it does feel like home and I’m looking forward to testing myself at this shorter distance.  Liz Blatchford assured me via Twitter that Olympic distance is simple – go as fast as you can for 2 hours.  Simple maybe, painful yes!






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