Kansas 70.3

This is just a quickie but I did have to post something as Kansas 70.3 was my race completed of 2014.  Yehaw! to that!

This was my second time doing Kansas 70.3 and I had nothing but good memories about the event from 2012.  A well organised event, a beautifully challenging course, heat and well, I happened to have one of those races in 2012 when everything felts effortless.  I was hoping to replicate that kind of day…but mostly I wanted to banish my Texas 70.3 demons.  That hit my confidence pretty hard, and it was not a fun event for me!  I later learnt I went in anaemic, which explains “snooze-gate” at T2 !!

Brett and I drove to Kansas from Boulder and my energy levels in the days before the race couldn’t have have been more different to two months earlier.  I was ready to get back to some racing.

In a nutshell I had a decent day – not the dream day of 2012  – but solid in all three disciplines.  I exited the water about 40 seconds back on Amanda Stevens with two others.  I had to work hard to catch Amanda on the bike course and didn’t get there till about mile 35…then we were both caught by a super strong Ruth Brennan Morrey. Doh!  That provided the kick up the bootie I needed and I found an extra gear and after a short hill I noticed I had gapped both Amanda and Ruth.  Unfortunately mile 50 or so is a little late in the day to realise you’ve got more beans to spend on the bike.

Kansas Bike

Both of my transitions were plain ugly and Ruth actually left T2 before me despite me having gained a small gap on her on the bike.  She started quick and I was just chugging.  I couldn’t get my legs turning over to keep in touch with her.  This remained the case for the first lap and I could see Lauren Barnett running strong behind me.  Thankfully my legs came round for the second loop – I held the gap back to Lauren and made up some time to Ruth – but the day was most definitely hers – impressive racing.

Kansas Run

A special mention to my home stay hosts, Laura and Jeff – who made the trip for Brett and I so much fun!! [NB Laura will be leading the bring back Dorothy & Co for future races!!] And, thanks to Randy Sadler for sharing his photos with me.

I’m glad I decided to do the double.  I took a lot of lessons from Kansas.  I needed to blow away the race cobwebs and hope that I can make a couple of tweaks in Boulder 70.3 to step up my performance a notch or two.


Fun with the IronKids

As always, MASSIVE thanks to my ever supportive sponsors who’ve been nothing but supportive during my slow start to the season.  They are the best:  Cervelo, Newton Running, Biestmilch, PowerBarLouis Garneau, ROKA, Shimano, XLAB and ISM.  Thanks also to my coach Dave Scott , and of course Brett and to the rest of my support crew.  THANK YOU!!


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2 Responses to Kansas 70.3

  1. Clark June 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    Congratulations Rachel on the 2nd Place in Kansas. Must be a big relief to just get out there and be able to compete fully. Glad to see you’re on the mend!! Transitions will get better the next race!!

    • Admin June 25, 2014 at 9:07 am #

      Thanks Clark. It was good to be out racing!

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