Challenge Roth 2014

Challenge Roth: it’s a distant but good memory. I am not sure this counts as a race report as it comes so long after the race. Since then I have holidayed with Brett and my family in Garmisch, returned home to Boulder, spectated at the inauguaral Ironman Boulder and well, I am now inhabiting a hazy world familiar to me as that feeling that accompanies Kona prep. Anyway, without further ado here are a few reflections on my Challenge Roth experience.

Welcome:If I told you I arrived on a Sunday evening in Munich and was met by Marcus, part of the Challenge Team, you would think “So what?”. However, it wasn’t any Sunday evening. It was the Sunday evening of the World Cup final, featuring Germany. That’s a faux pas right there! Despite my ill timed arrival I still got a friendly pick up and that about sums up how well I was looked after all week. We returned to the same homestay family we had in 2012. Moni and Fribo made Brett and I feel as welcome as ever. Moni even remembered my pre-race meal and had the chicken and rice ready for me on Saturday evening.


IMG_2239   IMG_2237   IMG_2227

Rookie Mistakes: Vaseline on the inside of your goggles. Yes I did this. After spending the first few hundred metres berating myself I got on with it in a rather stop start kind of way. Advice: Don’t do this.

The Joyce Clan: I felt like I was seeing my peeps all around the course. My family was out in force: my parents, my sister Katie, Pete and Vicki my brother and, sister-in-law and Walt my nephew. The Union Jack flags were out in force on the long hill at the southern most point of the bike course. When I saw them again in the final few kms of the run they had me cracking up (laughing!) with their loud and enthusiastic cheers. It meant a lot to share the day with them.

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Hotness: Dang! Bavaria put on a stinking hot day for us. I felt it hotting up during the bike and the first part of the run was seriously warm.


10567341_4554819686707_13193320_n  10566423_4554820166719_424443902_n

The Walchshoefers: The entire family give this event the personal touch. I am sure Felix cheered every person he saw out on the race course and he  was out there doing it himself. I had a high five from Kathrin out on the run course. Their passion drives this race and makes it a “must do” event.

Volunteers: Incredible!

Sponsors and Support Crew: I say it everytime but it is true. I couldn’t do this without the fantastic sponsors I have in my corner.

 Cervelo Newton Running Biestmilch

 Louis Garneau PowerBar ROKA Oakley

 ISM Shimano XLab Ceramic Speed

 THANK YOU Lesley and Jason for all your help during race week. THANK YOU to my coach Dave for getting me ready for action and dealing with my hiccups on the way. THANK YOU to Brett for supporting me everyday…especially for enduring me during the current haze days! Six weeks till Kona!





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