Boulder 70.3


I’m a little late but here it is – a few words about my Boulder 70.3 race last week – my 2nd 2nd in two weeks.   This was the first time I’ve done the “dirty double” although I can see that the DD is old news:  I know at least two people who went on to do the triple.  Two was enough for me! When I hatched this plan my coach, Dave Scott wasn’t completely convinced but understood my wish to blow away the race cobwebs.  As it turns out I think we were both glad that Boulder 70.3 gave me the chance to right some of the less pleasing aspects of my Kansas race.  Kansas was by no means a disaster but I did feel dissatisfied with my race.  In a nutshell: it just hadn’t hurt enough and I wanted to hurt!

There were a few distractions during the week between:  a drive back from Kansas on Monday, buying a house with Brett on Tuesday and packing up our old place the rest of week.  All good for keeping relaxed ahead of race day!

Race Day:

I love my ROKA Maverick wetsuit:  it’s by far the most comfortable wetsuit I’ve swum in.  Unfortunately I had an off day.  Having started out swimming next to Leanda Cave I dropped off the pace,  swam solo and exited the water a whopping 2 plus minutes from Jodie Swallow and a minute back from Leanda and Laura Bennett.  Dang!


Out on the bike in a word I wanted to hurt and make amends for my poor swim.  I went out hard and caught Leanda and Laura before 10 miles.  I’d made a couple of small tweaks to my bike position between Kansas and Boulder and it felt good (thanks Ivan O Gorman and Retul!).  I pushed on knowing the race for the win was up the road:  to put myself IN the race, I needed to bridge up to Jodie.  I  got some information on the time gaps and saw that I was making up time at a pretty good rate.  I bridged up somewhere between mile 25 and 30.   I decided to sit in and catch my breath for a moment.  Maybe I should have really tried to blast past but having read Jodie’s race day musings I can see she was prepared for me joining her and was on a mission not to let me go anywhere!


We rode the rest of course, exchanging the lead whilst expanding our lead over the girls behind us.  It was pretty clear we were heading to a foot race.  Jodie gapped me out of T2 but I basically then tracked her by about 20″ for the first 6 miles and then began to close the gap.  At mile 7 I felt great, strong and was about to bridge the gap…again.   I pulled up to Jodie and we then both started to put surges in.  The race was on!  I think one of my favourite shots is the one below (I nabbed it off twitter).


We ran like that for a mile,maybe a mile and a half.  I loved it.  I didn’t love the feeling of dropping off the pace.  Too late I realised I needed Coke and a gel.  Jodie was gone, opening up the gap in the final 5 miles whilst I tried to hold myself together, get my hands on a gel and cross that finish line.  

Now I have my head down as I prepare for Roth on 20 July.  Time to bank some more miles and get ready to race some fast ladies!

Thanks again to the best sponsors:

Cervelo    Newton Running   Louis Garneau   PowerBar   ROKA     Biestmilch    

Shimano   Oakley    ISM     XLAB   Ceramic Speed


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  1. Lester Benitez June 24, 2014 at 8:44 pm #

    Great race report!

    • Admin June 25, 2014 at 9:08 am #

      Thanks Lester

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