A June update

  I meant to blog after Oceanside. And then I meant to blog before St George 70.3. And then I meant to blog after St George. I am full of good blogging intentions even if I do not follow through! Life has been busy since I posted back in February and much of that is just down to day to day scheduling, fitting in triathlon training and balancing family life. It’s not necessarily interesting to read about although I, personally, do love reading how other people balance or juggle stuff – however you like to frame it! Sometimes I chuckle at how I *try* to plan my days. Last week my child care peeps were all out of town so if our schedule is a chuggling act, that week it was like someone just threw us another couple of balls to keep in the air. Planning has taken on military precision which is actually pretty pointless because Archie don’t give a poop about The Plan :)!!


Anyway, I digress. Back to ironman Oceanside 70.3. You can read about my pre-race thoughts on the wonderful Witsup website here:

And, my post race thoughts here:

In a nutshell, it was really good to be back on the race course. I was touched by the cheers I got from athletes out on the course welcoming me back to racing. I loved having Archie and Brett out there watching. And, the competitive athlete in me had the itch back. It was a no pressure race but soon after finishing I was thinking about how I could start closing the gap to the women at the pointy end of the race. Time to go to work. But first we had a wedding to attend. We flew out the day of the race and spent Sunday celebrating the wedding and marriage of two very good friends. Oh, and after that we moved house. It was a somewhat busy 10 days. Getting back to training the following week felt relatively light weight in comparison.fullsizeoutput_1b52

Fast forward five weeks and I was treading water ready for the starting gun at Ironman St George 70.3. I knew I was in better shape and my expectations reflected that. My goal was to podium. I fell short of that but my performance was another step forward. My swim was bad but I rode better and my run, while not brilliant, was solid enough. I finished a long way off the top two steps of the podium but I was at least getting closer to that third spot. Well done to podium: Holly Lawrence, Jeanni Seymour and Ellie Salthouse. Once again I had my take aways and returned to Boulder hungry to get stuck back into training.

fullsizeoutput_1c06    IMG_6231

Now I am 6 days out from Ironman Boulder. I’m nervous again. Training has been good but again my preparation is different to previous irons-distance preparations. I am drawing confidence from the fact that I can look back at some of my best races and know that my lead ins haven’t always been text book. My friend and fellow pro, Kim Schwabenbauer, recently wrote about her return to racing following the birth of her daughter last August. What she said about her motivations really resonated with me and I will aim to write about my thoughts on this in the future. In the mean time you can read her blog! http://fuelyourpassiononline.blogspot.com/2017/05/motherhood-and-racing.html .

The key thing is that I believe in the process we have followed. I feel fit; I feel healthy; I feel motivated to race and if my experience of racing has taught me anything it’s that those three things alone are a good platform to be jumping into a race with. So here goes. I’ll report back on the other side of that 140.2 miles!


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