2016: Let’s do this!!

I’ve always liked turning the page into a new year: reflecting on the year past, planning for the year ahead and even new year resolutions (don’t judge me!). I’ve just about wrapped up my racing plans for the year and my schedule is looking a bit like this:

10 Jan        Pucon 70.3  (2nd)
17 Jan        MercuryMan Triathlon (1st)
20 March   Puerto Rico 70.3
10 Apr         Palmas 70.3
7 May         St George
12 June      Escape from Alcatraz
10 July         Vineman 70.3
24 July        IM Lake Placid
[World 70.3 in Oz?]
9 October    KONA

The theme for the year is “just do it”. Over the past couple of years I have erred towards making the sensible, maybe conservative choices. This means I have put off heading to some of my “bucket list” races. No more delaying. This is the year to just go for it.

Image 1-22-16 at 9.11 AM

Racing Pucon 70.3 kicked off the year on the right foot. Instead of worrying about my lack of time on the bike (average bike hours for the month < hours on skis). Thankfully, I let the “what the heck” voice win and booked my flights. I won’t lie at times in the race I rued my lack of preparation but never my decision to go. My swim was pedestrian and it took until about mile 30 for my legs to come round on the bike. Thankfully, the legs were firing on the run. The tough, hilly course played to my advantage as I knew the longer the run went on for the greater my chances of running myself onto the podium. In the final loop I moved from 4th to 2nd. Phew! I am so glad I went. My form wasn’t stellar but once on the start line I was ready to work with what I had – whatever that turned out to be. It’s an iconic race: that goes for the race location to the race organization to the race support. It is where Chilean triathletes race. All of them! It was awesome – shout out to the race organizers who provided first rate hospitality!

12485870_10208352651714971_4043947986688091265_o   12401996_10156413031915203_1923926123304013722_o


The “heck yeah!” attitude resurfaced quickly when I was invited to take part in the MercuryMan Triathlon in the Cayman Island the week after Pucon. My instinct was to think “No, I have to get home and train”. Thankfully I resisted my sensible voice and accepted the invitation. I figured two half ironman races in two weeks was going to give me a massive fitness boost. I had a fab time. It was definitely a *racecation* -we swam with stingrays, we went diving, we sailed but first and foremost I made some new friends in the sport and experienced a thriving triathlon community. Big thanks to Trevor Murphy for inviting me and huge kudos to him for putting on this fabulous race.



Next up is….TRAINING!!! I have 8 weeks till I next toe the line in Puerto Rico 70.3 and I intend to be going in with some good fitness and form under my belt!


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