2013: News

With nearly a month of consistent training under my belt, it’s about time for an update. Getting fit after time off is never plain sailing: I’m taking the fact I had the energy to type this blog as a sign that I’m getting fitter. After more down time than normal doing multiple sessions a day is a bit different to the more relaxed approach I had to exercising over the festive season. My motivation is good so I’m not worried that it has felt like my body has been creaking back into action. Dormant muscles have been woken up and weren’t shy about letting me know about it. But, it feels good to be back in the routine. I have been able to get through my training, and tick off the sessions even if it’s not always been pretty.

 2013 sees a few changes to my set up.After 3 years working with Matt we agreed towards the end of 2012 that it was a good time for a change in my coaching set up. I started working with Matt at the end of 2009. I had had a couple of podium finishes at Ironman, and finished 6th in my debut at Kona. Over the next 3 years Matt has helped me to develop physically and mentally as an athlete, guiding me to two top 5 finishes at Kona and multiple wins over the 70.3 and Ironman distance. He has also supported me through some difficult times in my triathlete career. I always think it’s easy to coach an athlete when things are going well, but it’s in the tough times that a good coach really comes to the fore and Matt dealt with my various debacles with encouragement, positivity and humour. Thank you, Matt.

Going forward I am excited to be working with Dave Scott. I got to know Dave last summer when I came to Boulder to train, and was a regular at his swim sessions. I liked his approach (his knowledge and experience in triathlon are difficult to beat) and towards the end of last year I approached him about coaching me. We had a chat, and got started in the new year after I had arrived in Boulder. So far so good.

Boulder in winter is a little different to Boulder in the summer time. It’s good to be here when things are quieter and while there have been some frigidly cold days, the sun is usually shining and my long stints on the CompuTrainer have been pretty limited. It was great to have the time in the UK to catch up with everyone, but I think in December I saw the sun about twice….so the novelty of sunny Colorado days is not even close to wearing off. Brett has just joined me and we’ve been making tracks in properly kitting out the condo: we finally have TV! I will check in again soon with details of my race plan, and sponsor news.


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