2012: Update and wrap up…

I was tempted to call this blog “A tale of two tonsils” but that smacks of someone completely obsessed by their medical malady. Hang on…I am obsessed! I will move on quickly, I promise – just give me my five minutes. I knew having a tonsillectomy wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience and had heard it is rougher the older you are. Well, I will admit that the last ten days have been a bit more challenging that I had anticipated. The discomfort (alright it was teeth grindingly painful at points) was one thing but when it impacts on two great loves of my life: sleeping and eating. Dang! That is when I really morph in to a dark ominous thunder cloud. Luckily I’m through that and feeling way better. A big thank you to my parents who have been great at looking after me, putting up with me and agreeing to carry out daily inspections of my non-tonsils.

Anyway, they are gone and I hope with them so have the continual bouts of illness, which got a bit out of hand in the last twelve months. I was totting up the number of courses of antibiotics I have had this year and they tallied up to SIXTY ONE days. That’s a sixth of the year. Add to that two visits to A&E and two lots of intravenous anti-biotics, and you’ll see why I don’t want to repeat a year like that. At this point I would like to thank Dr William Pettis who treated me in the lead up to Kona. If I had any doubts about my tonsils he convinced me it was time to give them the heave ho.

Okay, time to move on. It’s December so a good time to call it a wrap on 2012 and indulge in a bit of a 2012 review. Here are my triathlon highlights:

  1. Winning in Challenge Roth: What can I say? This race rocks and to win this legendary race goes down as a massive highlight in my year. And, I am pleased to announce I am going back for more in 2013.

  2. A summer in Boulder: I’d heard about it and spent a grand total of two nights there last November but my first summer in Boulder with Mr Hedges was a goodun. Going back for more in 2013.

  3. New races: 2012 was a year of new races for me: Ironman Melbourne, Kansas 70.3, Challenge Roth, Muskoka 70.3. I loved everyone of them and now face the dilemma : do I go back again next year or try and add a few more new races to my triathlon resume. Triathlete problems….

  4. Coffee: I love this stuff and I have sampled some exemplary espressos in some cool cafes over the past year. From my local in Boulder, Spruce; to Cafe Racer in Melbourne, Mr Grumpy in NYC and my fave in London, Tintos to name just a few. The quest for good coffee will continue in 2013.

  5. Sponsors: 2012 was the year I went solo after two years in the Abu Dhabi Tri Team. It has been good and I am stoked to be working with the best companies in the biz. I am super pleased that these relationships will continue into2013 and beyond.

  6. Travel: I love travel and in this job that’s good. This year I notched up trips to seven different countries through training, racing and vacation. Not bad.

  7. Two sub-9 hour performances: Like buses, I waited for the sub-9 hour ironman for ages and then two come along at once. 8:46 in Melbourne and 8:45 in Roth. Happy with that!

  8. Doing all this with the best support from family and friends. You know who you are 🙂 

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